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An Original Song: Breaking Up by Carli

As the title suggests, this song is purely about ‘Breaking Up’ from a strong relationship that you once thought would last forever. I wrote this when I was going through some relationship problems and was scared about how I would deal with it, so writing it down was an outlet for me.

An Original Song: Detective by Carli

This is a song about the female psyche, women are big thinkers and analysers, sometimes to our own detriment. That’s what ‘Detective’ is about: a woman in a relationship who is constantly looking for clues and analysing situations in the fear that she is being taken for a fool – whether it’s in her head or whether the man has caused these thoughts…

An Original Song: Fingernails by Carli

This is not one of my deepest songs. I came up with the line “biting on my fingernails” about a year previous to the recording and for some reason it stuck in my head and I wanted to base a song on it. The lyrics are about the age old problem of falling for someone you know is no good.