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An emerging singer-songwriter, Carli has performed globally, with influences ranging from Amy Winehouse to P!NK. Her songs are soulful/quirky/rocky or whatever you want to call them. They are all self-written raw material, no manufacturing. Have a listen and see what you think… and now for the boring stuff…

Carli is a singer songwriter and trained dancer from London. Diploma in performing arts, Degree in Music & Dance all whilst writing and working in recording studios, she then went onto work in various jobs to get money for studio time, she dedicated all of her free time to pursue a potential music career and began writing and recording.

Gaining experience performing in live shows, music videos, open mics, even West End shows and working with a handful of music producers, she is finally on her way to finishing her album so watch this space…

During 2011-2013 Carli spent time in Los Angeles, touring the notorious music venues gaining invaluable experience and contacts in the music industry. She then moved onto Sydney, Australia where she was based for the next year, also performing and working with Australian producers on brand new material. 

Carli now shares her time 50/50 between London and New York so is working with musicians and producers on both sides of the pond. The next few months will see an overhaul of her songs so keep an eye out!